Funeral Consumers Alliance
Funeral Consumers Alliance

Membership Application

Your lifetime membership includes you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your dependent minor children. Please print this application and enclose a check or money order payable to FCAGR.

NOTE: This application is not for filling out online. Please CLICK HERE to print and mail your request to us.

Mail to:
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Rochester
P.O. Box 77162
Rochester, NY 14617


Amount enclosed:
$35   $50   $100    Other____________





City, State, Zip +4________________________________________________


I would like additional information about:
Cremation How to pay for a funeral
Green burial Body donation to medical science
Should you prepay? Organ & tissue donation
How to choose a funeral home Other________________________________________

I want to volunteer to assist with:

The Newsletter   Clerical work   Speaking

Other _____________________________________________________

I learned about the Alliance from _________________________________

Please send ____ additional brochures for me to distribute.